General Kidnapping Mitigation Tips

General Kidnapping Mitigation Tips

05/02/2017 Posted by Matthew Dimmett

General Kidnapping Mitigation Tips:

  • If kidnapped, do not act overly defiant towards your captors, but be mindful to avoid giving them information that could be used against you.
  • Try to keep a low profile, especially in locations known to have a kidnapping threat.
  • Always inform someone, such as a concierge, coworker, or friend of where you are going and what time you expect to return.
  • If using locally hired security, drivers, or guides, ensure that they are from a well vetted and accredited organization, as criminal or extremist groups have paid local guides to cooperate with them in order to kidnap clients.
  • If possible, do not drive alone or on rural and unpopulated roads after sunset in areas known to have a high risk of kidnapping.
  • Always use licensed taxis when in a city. Check to make sure that 1) the meter is present and functional and 2) that the driver matches the ID on the taxi registration sticker. Some areas have seen increased use from rideshare applications with features such as driver reviews and background check as well as the ability to “share” your ride’s progress with friends and family; these features can provide travelers with a more secure method of public transportation. If unsure about the security of your ride, trust your instincts and simply wait for another taxi.
  • Avoid being predictable while abroad, and stay in locations with adequate security measures.

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