The Travel Industry cuts its ties to disposable plastics

The Travel Industry cuts its ties to disposable plastics

06/06/2018 Posted by Jeff Wright

The UN has declared war on ocean plastic. There are massive amounts of plastic used in the travel industry. It is essentially everywhere. Many in the industry have recognized their contribution, responsibility, and accountability for a planet that is drowning in plastic and are stepping up to the front lines of the battle.

Several travel companies have embarked upon new “no single-use plastics” initiatives in this crusade. A number of airlines, hotels, cruise lines, and destinations are implementing programs to replace single-use plastics with more environmentally friendly alternatives. For example, passengers sailing on the world’s largest cruise ship, “Symphony of the Seas”, will not find plastic straws, stirrers, or picks on board , and Royal Caribbean is extending that policy to their other ships.

Cities and states in the US, Canada, Central America, Europe, Africa, and Asia are banning select plastics. Even Queen Elizabeth II has prohibited plastic straws and bottles from the royal estates, including the cafes and gift shops.

Because clean seas and beaches are so critical to their livelihood, as well as the fact that plastics present a pernicious threat to marine wildlife, the travel industry is trying to cut its ties to disposable plastics before the damage it has done is irreversible.  The challenge of controlling plastic pollution remains a multifaceted task, and all recruits are welcome.